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Other Services from the Sheriff's Office

The Cass County Sheriff's Office is fortunate to have a number of volunteers who serve important functions regarding public safety.

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Mounted Posse

The Cass County Sheriff's Mounted Posse consists of approximately 20 workers who volunteer their time, horses, equipment, and expertise in providing security for County events, such as fairs, searching for missing persons, and assisting in other investigations. These individuals train together on a regular basis to ensure their services are effective.


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This organization consists of senior citizens and law enforcement working together. In 2001, Cass County co-hosted the State TRIAD convention in Itasca County. The organization focuses on the effective delivery of law enforcement services to the elderly and competence of effective communication between law enforcement and the elderly.


Chaplaincy Initiative


Back row (l-r): Sheriff Tom Burch, Fr. Joe Sirba, Dawn Lundgren, David Anderson, Michael Small, Peter Rosenkvist.
Front row (l-r): Bill Ness, Wilma Griffin, Marie Rose, Tristan Borland, Pauline Fahey.


Chaplaincy Initiative

The Sheriff’s Office had an informal Chaplaincy program in previous years; in November 2006, a formal Chaplaincy Initiative was formed.

The purpose of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office Chaplaincy Initiative is to provide networking and collaboration between law enforcement and clergy members in identifying needs and providing advocacy, support and assistance to members of the community and staff, as needed.

The Chaplains are here to serve community members in times of crisis situations. They are not intended, nor do they wish, to replace an individual’s clergyperson.

The purpose of the Chaplaincy Initiative is:

- To assist Cass County law enforcement and the people of Cass County through a field service ministry.

- To provide guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis to the people of Cass County. The chaplain should be able to put people in contact with the appropriate agencies to assist them.

- To provide spiritual guidance and counseling to all members of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, both sworn and civilian, and their families in time of need.

- To provide the services of a chaplain on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week basis at the request of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office or its employees, the chaplain will seek to bring comfort and consolation to persons involved in crisis situations.

- All chaplains serve at the discretion of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office


Q: What can you expect if a chaplain is contacted for an emergency situation?

A: A chaplain is there to serve in a spiritual capacity in time of crisis.

A chaplain will provide the best care, counsel and comfort they are able to the victims and family members involved in a crisis situation.

A chaplain will attempt to contact the individual’s pastor/congregation when requested.

A chaplain will provide future pastoral support for those who desire it.

Q: What do chaplains do?

A: A chaplain participates in a minimum of 24 hours of ride-alongs per year, along with a yearly mandatory training and monthly meetings.

Chaplains respond to emergency call-outs on a rotational basis.

Q: What type of incidents can chaplains respond to?

A: A chaplain can be used in any time of crisis and/or personal stress. These would include serious injuries, deaths, death notifications, search and rescues, abusive situations, etc.

Contact a chaplain:

David Anderson Remer 218-820-7768

Tristan Borland Pine River 218-587-2021

Dawn Lundgren Walker 218-547-1919

Bill Ness Remer 218-566-2695

Mark Olson Walker 218-547-1850

Marie Rose Motley 218-296-0488

Peter Rosenkvist Cass Lake 218-335-6393

Fr. Joseph Sirba Longville 218-363-2799

Michael Small Hackensack 218-675-6300

Mark Widman Walker 218-547-1897

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Civil Service Commission

The Cass County Sheriff Office's Civil Service Commission adopts rules to promote efficiency within the Sheriff's Office and establishes rosters from which applicants are hired.

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