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The Cass County Web Mapping Service has been upgraded to LINK. The interface looks a little different, but does everything that the old service did and is faster. LINK also works with additional web browsers, including Chrome and Safari.

See the User Manual for more information on using this interactive web mapping site.

The Cass County Web Mapping service gives you the opportunity to layer many types of data on one map. This data, called layers, is now available to both display visually and to identify attributes. An example, you are searching for information about a land parcel. You locate the parcel and want to add an aerial photo of the area and information about wetlands. You can add the Cass 2010 photo for the area you are viewing and the National Wetlands Inventory layer by adding a check in the box in front of the layer name in the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents is opened by clicking on the Legend tab on the top of the map.

In addition to the ability to view and identify more data, the new Cass County Web Mapping program gives you the ability to search or query on more layers and on individual data fields within the layer.

There are new features for adding graphics to your map, both text and symbols, printing, and saving the map as a high resolution PDF format document (Adobe Reader 9 or greater required). If you want to make a map of where your home is located, mark it with a symbol, add some text, and then e-mail it to your friends. All of this and more is now possible using our new mapping service.

NOTE: This map site will open new browser windows when printing reports or maps.  Active “Pop-up Blockers” may prohibit opening these files.  To allow these windows to open and print you may need to allow (add as an exception) pop-ups from or disable the Pop-up Blockers. Examples of how to disable some common Pop-ups blockers can be foundhere.

We ask that you read through our help file. You can click here on Help with Web Mapping to view or print instructions on how to navigate in and make the best use of this mapping program. This is also available when you are on the map page by clicking on   at the far right end of the tools/command line.

To use this mapping service click HERE. Cass County hopes you find this mapping program powerful, exciting, and useful.

Map Links is located on the right side of the page.  Here are located links to the web mapping service and other programs and services.  These include:

Forestry Web Map
New to the Cass County Timber Management Program is the Forestry Web Map service.  This application will let you view auction tracts, see available over-the-counter timber sales referred to as section one sales, sold timber sale polygons and permits, forest trails, cruise sheets, and much more.  Click on the link “Forestry Web Map” to get started.

See the User Manual for more information on using this interactive web mapping site.

For a basic instruction, please continue reading.  The site will open with a county map display, numerous buttons on the top, and layers on the left side in the legend.  If you click on the plus “+” button next to the Forestry layer; up pops selections available for timber sales and auction tracts.  Click on the plus “+” next to a layer you are searching for and the color of the polygon next to the heading will show up i.e. pink polygons are for Not Active timber sale blocks.  Now you can use the Zoom In button on the top toolbar to zoom to the area of interest. 

Now that you are zoomed into the map, you should be able to see the polygons overlaid on an aerial map.  If you click the Identify button on the top toolbar, a window will pop-up for you to make your selection.  Line the top and second selection layers up with your desired request i.e. pulling a timber permit would be Forestry in the top and Timber Permits in the second.  Now click to darken the Select One button in the text box then click on the timber sale of interest.  Another text box will pop up and you can select various reports i.e. cruise sheets, timber permit, or appraisal; then hit the Go button.  Your internet browser will have a pdf available for you to open and print if requested.  The User Manual listed above will have more detailed information and screen shots on how to operate within the new system.

This service is still under construction and minor changes may be made in the future.

Tax/Property Search (Data Only)
You may find parcel information and print a report, with no mapping capability, by going to theTax/Property Search link. You can search by parcel number, property address, or city/township, and a printable PDF report will be available.

Parcel numbers need to have hyphens, e.g. 01-001-1100. Partial parcel numbers can also be used, e.g. 01- will return all the parcels in Ansel Township and 01-001 will return all parcels in Section 1 of Ansel Township. (This is a Starts With query type.)

If you search by a Physical Address you can use just a house number, a number and a partial or complete road name, or just a road name or portion thereof. (This is a Contains query type.) The pre-defined Physical Address search will locate the taxable parcel that has been given that address, not the address point.

Online Plat Book
The 2012 Cass County Plat Book can be viewed and individual pages can be printed from this site.  If you wish to purchase a copy of this book, you can find information here.

Ski Trail Maps and Additional GIS links can also be accessed under the Map Links.

Maps Disclaimer

Cass County makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the use or reuse of data provided herewith, regardless of its format or the means of its transmission. THE DATA ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO GUARANTEE OR REPRESENTATION ABOUT THE ACCURACY, CURRENCY, SUITABILITY, PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, RELIABILITY, OR FITNESS OF THIS DATA FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The information on the maps and plat book pages is used to locate and identify parcels of land in Cass County for reference purposes only and is not to be construed or used as a legal description. The physical location is approximate and does not replace survey information.

Cass County shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, compensatory or consequential damages or third party claims resulting from the use of these data, even if Cass County has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss or damage. These data may not be used in states that do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.