Cass County Warrant List

If you know the whereabouts of any of the following individuals, please do not try to apprehend them yourself but contact the Cass County Sheriff's Office at 218-547-1424 or 1-800-450-2677 or your local law enforcement agency.

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New Warrants for the week Ending 06-21-19

Armstrong, Kayla CASS LAKE Bench - FTA GM GIVE 750.00 (Cash Only)

Fisher, Glen Bemidji Arrest - PV DRUGS Body Only

Gerke, Shanyn CASS LAKE Bench - PV, Drugs, Body No Bond/Unspecified

Jackson, Cynthia CASS LAKE Bench - FTA ASSAULT Body Only

Jackson, Cynthia CASS LAKE Bench - No Bond/Unspecified

Kimball, Milo PINE RIVER Arrest - FTA GM DWI 1000.00 (Cash Only)

Kondziella, Paul Laporte Arrest - FTA GM DACIPS 250.00 (Cash Only)

Moses, James Bemidgi Bench - PV FE DRUGS Body Only

Puckett, David Bemidji Bench - FTA FE PV Body Only

Shady, River CASS LAKE Bench - No Bond/Unspecified

Shady, River CASS LAKE No Bond/Unspecified

Shady, River CASS LAKE Arrest - PV, BODY No Bond/Unspecified

Torres, Kathryn CASS LAKE Bench - PV Body Only

White, Dora CASS LAKE Bench - FTA MISD 100.00 (Cash Only)


  • MS=Misdemeanor, GM=Gross Misdemeanor, FE=Felony
  • Failure to appear = Failed to appear for court
  • Failure to comply = Failure to comply with conditions of release
  • Probation violation = Violated conditions of probation
  • Unpaid fine = Failed to pay fine
  • $ cash bail = the amount of money needed to clear the warrant
  • body only = the person must appear in court to clear the warrant