Cass County Triad

What is SALT?
In Cass County, the SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) and TRIAD are comprised of the same members.  Other counties may have a SALT Council, of which only a limited number may actually be involved with TRIAD.  Ideas from the elderly, as well as their time and efforts as volunteers, are vital to TRIAD success. SALT members, working with experienced, capable older volunteers, create effective solutions for many problems faced by the elderly.

What is TRIAD?
triadTRIAD is a community-based Partnership between law enforcement agencies and agencies and individuals involved in senior issues. The goal of Triad is to reduce criminal victimization of senior citizens and enhance senior safety by bringing together community agencies to form a relationship of trust with the senior citizens, enabling them to jointly recognize and solve problems.  All interested persons are invited to join the Triad group.

Who is involved with TRIAD? All Law Enforcement & Senior Citizens who want to:The History of TRIAD
In 1988, representatives from AARP (American Assoc of Retired Persons), the IACP (International Assoc of Chiefs of Police) and the NSA (National Sheriffs Assoc) came together to attempt to define a way to help keep seniors safe from crime.  The TRIAD model emerged from that effort.  The 1st TRIAD agreement was signed in St Martin Parish, Louisiana in 1988.  By the early 2000’s, more than 800 counties had signed TRIAD agreements.

  • Make a difference
  • Help others
  • Contribute to a worthwhile purpose

What do TRIADs do?

  • EDUCATE: By sponsoring crime prevention and public education for older adults.
  • ASSIST: By recruiting and training volunteers to assist police departments, sheriff’s offices and other agencies.
  • SUPPORT: By identifying community resources and providing referrals to older persons to help reduce fear and lend moral support.
  • UNITE: By involving seniors, law enforcement, community agencies and individuals to identify problem areas in their communities.

Why become involved with TRIAD?

  • To experience a sense of belonging 
  • To share your lives experiences in a way that helps others
  • To be involved in something that has real purpose and make a real contribution
  • A need for challenging responsibilities that will contribute to the goals of the group
  • A need to see progress being made towards the goals
  • A need to be kept informed
  • A need to connect with seniors and law enforcement in a productive way

What does TRIAD offer?

  • Law Enforcement and Senior Connection
    • Each meeting has a law enforcement report, which provides information on:
      • Current law enforcement incidents in Cass County
      • New frauds and scams
      • Crimes that may be occurring in your communities and things to watch out for
      • Other safety issues
    • A way for the seniors to get to know law enforcement and how law enforcement works.  
    • Assistance for law enforcement by having “eyes and ears in the community”

As one TRIAD member said, “You get to know them as real people and that they have feelings and ‘real lives,’ too!”

What are some ways in which TRIAD enhances senior safety?
TRIAD has projects that they have been involved with for many years; however, a big part of TRIAD is being open to ideas that seniors bring to the group that can be implemented by TRIAD to enhance the safety of seniors in our communities.

Yellow Dot Program:

  • Yellow dots are stickers that say “Emergency Information Inside.”
  • Yellow dots go on the lower driver’s side corner of your back window or on the front door of your house.
  • Yellow dots let emergency personnel know that you have a medical card inside your glove compartment or on the front of your refrigerator.
  • Medical Cards have such information as medications, allergies, emergency contacts and other medical information
  • Yellow Dots and Medical Cards are available though TRIAD and can be obtained from any TRIAD member or by contacting Pauline at the Sheriff’s Office at 218-547-7308.

Beacon Lights

  • Beacon Lights are light bulbs that work in a regular light socket. 
  • It can either work as a regular light or – when you “double-click” the switch, it becomes a bright blinking light.
  • It can allow emergency personnel to locate your residence easier …..
  • And has even been used to direct fishermen home!!

911 Cell Phone Program

  • Cass Co TRIAD participates in the 911 Cell Phone Program.
  • We collect used cell phones and turn them in to the 911 Cell Phone Bank.
  • In return, the 911 Cell Phone Bank provides us 911 cell phones.
  • The 911 cell phones can be given out to anyone who needs an emergency phone.
  • These phones only dial 911 and come with a charger and an extra battery.
  • Phones can be donated at the Sheriff’s Office or at misc businesses throughout the county.

Other Projects

  • Credit Card Protectors
  • Cell Phone Holders
  • Sand Shakers (for safety on ice)
  • Winter Survival Kits
  • Cookbooks (2)
  • 911 Help Signs
  • Medical ID Cards (
  • Fraud and Scam Presentations
  • Operation ID/Neighborhood Watch

MN TRIAD Conferences

  • A statewide TRIAD Conference is held each fall. 
  • The various TRIAD groups take turns hosting the conference.
  • Conferences have been held in Brainerd, Duluth, New Ulm, Alexandria, Crookston, Walker, Carlton and Grand Rapids.
  • Conferences provide:
    • An opportunity to network with other TRIAD groups and members.
    • An opportunity to learn about new programs and projects.
    • An opportunity to share our successes and failures and receive feedback.
    • An opportunity to have speakers and break-out sessions that address senior safety issues.
    • An atmosphere of an “extended family reunion” with members of other TRIAD groups.

To view MN TRIAD Conference photos, go to


  • MN TRIAD was established to enhance communications between the various TRIAD groups in Minnesota throughout the year instead of just at the conferences.
  • MN TRIAD issues a bi-monthly newsletter.  To receive this newsletter by e-mail,  
  • Contacts are Chuck Nettestad, Retired Alexandria Police Chief: or Pauline Fahey, Cass Co Sheriff’s Office @ or 218-536-0899.
  • Officers are:  Chair – Kelly Lake (Sheriff, Carlton County), Vice-Chair – Julie Duehring (Lt, New Ulm PD – Brown County), Secretary – Pauline Fahey (Admin, Cass County), Treasurer – Anna Cass (Admin, Itasca County).

TRIAD Board Of Directors

  • Cass County Sheriff Tom Burch
  • Lt Scott Thompson
  • Admin Pauline Fahey
  • Shirley Dowson -President,
  • Joan Johengen - Vice President
  • Mary Ann Huston -Secretary
  • Bernie Miller - Treasurer

Cass County TRIAD Contacts

Maynard & Betty Nelson Backus 218-682-2363
Bernie Miller            Hackensack 218-675-6137
Chuck & Mona Hoover Outing 218-792-5715
Betty Waldron Pine River 218-587-3216
Shirley Dowson Walker 218-547-1894
Pauline Fahey Cass Co Sheriff’s Office 218-547-7308


TRIAD Meetings

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at noon (lunch immediately followed by meeting)   *Lunch is available for a nominal fee.

Meetings are usually held at the Hackensack Senior Center (behind the Post Office).  Several times during the year, our meetings are moved around the county. 

Links & Articles

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