Recreation (Boat & Water)

Cass County covers a large recreational area. With 514 lakes covering over 258,000 acres of water, the public does not have to go far to find fun on the water.

With a county population of 27,150; Cass County has a recreational draw of people both during the summer when the population can exceed 100,000 and during the winter months for its ice fishing, ATV's, skiing, hiking, snowmobiling and other activities.

The Sheriff's Office Recreation Division is supervised by a sergeant, who oversees the entire program, including the volunteer program and the safety/education component.

Currently, the Sheriff's Office has boats permanently on Leech Lake, Gull Lake, Woman Lake, Pleasant Lake and the Outing lakes area. Other County lakes are patrolled by Deputies.

Volunteers provide a valuable resource in the Boat and Water Safety Program. They patrol Woman Lake, Pleasant Lake, and the Outing Lakes area. Volunteers, such as Gull Area Lakes Association (GALA), take the responsibility in maintaining many of the buoys on lakes within the county. 

Quick Email List
Badge# Name Email Address Title
109 Bob Landreville Deputy
130 Travis Collette Deputy


Lieutenant Brad Rittgers
303 Minnesota Avenue #107
Or Sheriffs Office Recreation Office - 218-547-7329
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