Cass County Interactive Mapping

Technical Support

Technical Support Documents
Download Countywide Parcel Data
Download/Print Township Mailing Labels
Custom Search - Lake Name
Custom Search - MP&L Lease Lots
How to Buffer a Parcel, Lake or Road
How to View Scanned Surveys
Pictometry Imagery Tool (view and print ortho and oblique imagery)
Recent Property Sales Search
Permit and Compliance Inspection Search
911 Physical Address Search
911 Physical Address Report by Post Office
View or Print a Plat Book Page by Township (Atlas)

For a general overview of tools and searches available in the web mapping. An online help document is available by selecting the helpicon icon in the upper right corner of the mapping.  If you require further assistance, contact the MIS Department at 218-547-7380.

 - Plats and other recorded documents can be obtained from the Recorder's Office 
     or online at
 - Tax Statements and payment information can be obtained from the Auditor-Treasurer's Office 
     or online through our website
 - Assessment Field Cards can be obtained from the Assessor's Office by phone or online request