Using the Atlas Module now available within the county's existing web mapping service, users can select and print up-to-date plat book maps for an area of interest.  Just follow the instructions provided and print to your local computer.
If you require any assistance using the Atlas tool or the web mapping please contact us at 218-547-7380 for assistance.

1) Open the Cass County Web Mapping.

2) Select the Atlas tool from the menu at the top.    atlas

3) Use the mouse to select the township of interest. 

4) Select the Go button from the Single Feature box that appears on the screen.

A new tab will open in your internet browser displaying the platbook map and land owner index for the township you selected.
Please be patient...this may take a few minutes as the map is created.

5) Print to your local computer or save the file to view at a later time.

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