Human Services Overview

Human Services offers three basic kinds of services: (1) financial assistance, subject to income and resources limitation, (2) social services, subject to a sliding fee schedule, and (3) child support services.

Financial Programs:
1.Minnesota Family Investment Program: Expects, supports, and rewards employment while aiding families as they work toward self sufficiency.

2.General Assistance: Meets the maintenance and personal needs of individuals.

3.Minnesota Supplemental Aid: Meets the financial needs of older and disabled individuals, unmet by their supplemental security income.

4.Medical Assistance: sometimes called “Medicaid”, provides assistance to individuals who cannot afford the cost of necessary medical services.

5. General Assistance Medical Care: Provides for payment of medical services to low income individuals not otherwise provided for by other programs.

6. Minnesota Care: Provides a premium based coverage for medical services for uninsured individuals.

7.Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP): Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, provides financial assistance for purchasing food to improve nutrition.

Social Services:
1. Low income families in need of child care assistance.

2. Children under 18 experiencing neglect or abuse and their families; pregnant adolescents; adolescent parents under 18 & their children; children experiencing severe emotional disturbance and their families.

3. Adults who are vulnerable and in need of protection and persons age 60 and older who are experiencing difficulty living independently and unable to provide for their own needs.

4. Drug or alcohol dependent persons & persons at risk of harm to self or others due to ingestion of alcohol or other drugs.

5. Developmentally disabled persons who are unable to provide for their own needs or independently engage in ordinary community activities.

6. Persons with mental illness who are unable to provide for their own needs or independently engage in ordinary community activities.

Child Support Services:

1. Locating parents.

2. Establishing parentage.

3. Establishing and enforcing court orders for child support, medical support and child care support.

4. Adjusting court orders based on the cost-of-living index.

5. Working with other states to enforce support when one parent does not live in Minnesota.

6. Collecting and processing payments.