Candidate Filing Information:
In 2020, the period during which candidates may file for federal, state, judicial, and county offices
is May 19 - June 2 (ends at 5pm). Candidate filing materials and instructions are available here
for candidates wishing to file by mail or by appointment. Please refer to the Cass County
homepage for COVID-19 public service advisories.

Cass County, Minnesota - Candidate Filing Notice
Candidate Filings in Cass County

Instructions to candidates
: First select the Filing Packet Overview for the office you are seeking.
Then select the remaining filing packet documents from the list as indicated by office and in the Overview.

County Candidate Filing Packet Overview
Soil and Water District Supervisor Candidate Filing Packet Overview
State Legislative and Judicial Candidate Filing Packet Overview

Filing Packet Documents:
Affidavit of Candidacy (all candidates)
Candidate Information Form (all candidates, optional)
Minnesota Campaign Manual 2020 Edition (all candidates)
Campaign Financial Reporting Deadlines Summary (county and SWCD candidates)
Campaign Financial Report (county and SWCD candidates)
Certification of Filing (county and SWCD candidates)
Voter Registration Counts (all candidates)
Map of Mail Ballot Precincts
Minnesota Department of Transportion sign placement information (all candidates)
IRS Campaign Filing Requirements (all candidates)
Auto dial-announcing device law - Minnesota Attorney General (all candidates)
Statement of economic interest filing (all candidates)
Campaign Finance Registration (all candidates)

The candidate filing period for cities, townships, and school districts (that do not hold primaries) is
July 28 - August 11, 2020. Candidates filing for these offices will file with the clerk
or designated filing officer of the respective jurisdiction.
Campaign Reports:

Minnesota Statutes 211A.02, Subdivision 6 requires each local government candidate filing officer to post campaign financial reports on the local government’s website. The filing officer must post the reports on the website as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receipt of the report. The local government must make the reports available on the local government's website for four years from the date the report was posted.

The status of these financial reports for candidates for county elected offices in Cass County for the last three election cycles is:

2016       No candidates met the threshold for having to file campaign financial reports.

2018       No candidates met the threshold for having to file campaign financial reports.

2020       All candidates have filed campaign financial reports Certificate of Filing. All candidates swear that all campaign contributions or disbursements did not exceed $750 in the calendar year.

Visit the website of the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board for information regarding public officials that must file an economic interest statement.