Commissioner Districts Proposed Plan endorsed by Cass County Commissioners:click to view proposed plan

At the regular meeting on September 7, 2021, resolution 51-21 endorsing redistricting Plan A. This resolution does not formally adopt or approve a redistricting plan; only the endorsement of the plan as well as approval to seek public comment and suggestions from municipalities, school districts, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, and other entities. A public hearing will be called in 2022- and 3-weeks’ public notice will be posted.

2020 vs 2010 Census County Subdivision Population Information: This shows the comparison population data from 2010 to 2020 and the percent of increase or decrease for each municipality within Cass County.

2010 population: 28, 567
2020 population: 30,066
Total increase of 1,499 (5.247%)

Census 2020 MN Population Change Map: This map is a summary of data of 2010 to 2020 population change in Minnesota Counties.

The Cass County Commissioners approved to appoint a Staff Redistricting Advisory Committee; the Advisory Committee will report back to the Board with redistricting review and options and ideas for soliciting feedback from City, Township, and other affected local government entities.

Please submit comments or suggestions to Josh Stevenson, County Administrator, PO Box 3000, Walker, MN 56484 or by email,

Is county commissioner redistricting required?

It is sometimes required that county commissioner districts go through the redistricting process. Even if it is not required, the county board may also choose to redistrict. Either way, the redistricting of commissioner districts cannot be completed until after all precincts are reestablished. Below is information about evaluating whether redistricting is required. After the certification of the decennial census, M.S. 375.025, subd.1 specifies that each county must redistrict county commissioner districts in any of these cases:

  1. Any county commissioner district boundaries are no longer on precinct or ward boundaries; or
  2. Any county commissioner district is no longer contiguous; or
  3. Any county commissioner district varies in population more than ten percent (10%) from the average of all districts in the county, unless the result forces a voting precinct to be split, or
  4. A majority of the least populous districts contain less than a majority of the population of the county; or
  5. Commissioner districts are not as equal in population as possible (considering that they must be compact and as regular in form as practicable while bounded by town, municipal, ward, or precinct boundaries).

Cass County Staff Redistricting Advisory Committee has determined that due to the shift in population greater than 10% of the average population in District 5; redistricting is required pursuant to M.S. 375.025 subd.1.

2020 Map Census Data District Evaluation

2020 Census Data District Evaluation Spreadsheet

Do commissioners need to run for election as a result of redistricting?

There are two reasons serving county commissioners might need to run for election in the 2022 general election:

  1. The seat’s normal four-year term is up, or
  2. The commissioner’s district has had a change greater than the “five percent rule”

Cass County Redistricting Staff Committee has drafted Plan A for consideration. Plan A falls within the Statutory guidelines that meet the requirements as it relates to the redistricting responsibilities of County Commissioners.

The following are Commissioner district requirements per M.S. 375.025, subd. 1

  1. Each county is divided into as many districts as there are members of the board of commissioners,
  2. Commissioner districts are bounded by precincts lines (which may also correspond with town, municipal, and ward boundaries).
  3. Commissioner districts are to be as regular and compact in form as practicable, and
  4. District populations cannot vary more than ten percent from the average.
Preliminary Redistricting Draft Plan A

Preliminary Redistricting Draft Plan A:Proposed Plan A Summary: Precincts affected: 3 Total population affected: 280, Moose Lake Twp pop: 134 shifts out of District 2 and into District 3, Smoky Hollow Twp, pop: 55 shifts out of District 4 and into District 3, Lima Twp pop: 91 shifts out of District 4 and into, District 5, Districts Change: >5%

Proposed Plan A: NO shift in constituents in and out in any district was greater than 5%; therefore, no commissioners are triggered to run for re-election. Only District 1 and 4 will be on the ballot for 2022 because the normal 4-year term is up.