City/Twp/School District Checklist


Review these helpful checklists to see your Entities Redistricting Roles and Responsibilities:

City Township School District
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The 2021 Redistricting Guide; a guide on what happens at the local level-especially for counties, municipalities, and school districts. The appendices include reference materials such as timelines, flowcharts, sample resolutions, information about redistricting software and data, and relevant statutes, rules and opinions. 

Please take time to review your voting precinct boundaries and polling places. You will establish or reestablish your precinct and polling place by resolution after the enactment of the legislative redistricting; which is not expected until February 15th, 2022. 

Polling place precincts will need to determine that their existing polling places meet ADA and all statutory requirements. MS 204B.16 Subd. 5. Access by elderly and persons with disabilities. 

*Each local unit of government needs to determine its redistricting responsibilities and how it will accomplish them. To understand how a local unit of government will complete its redistricting tasks and responsibilities, local government officials need to determine if they have redistricting responsibilities. Aside from the legislature, four main jurisdictions have some degree of responsibility for redistricting: counties, cities, townships, and school districts.