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County Ordinances

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List of Ordinances

No.2000-01 Adult Entertainment Ordinance
No.2007-04 Environmental Definitions Ordinance
No.2007-02 Individual Sewage Treatment System Ordinance
    MN Chapter 7080-2006 Yellow
No.2005-01 Land Use Ordinance
No.2011-01 Lawful Assembly Ordinance
No.2009-04 Liquor Ordinance
No.1993-02 No Wake
No.2010-01 Social Host Ordinance
No.2002-01 Solid Waste Ordinance
No.2010-02 Soo-Line Trail Rules and Safety Regulations Ordinance
No.2006-04 Subdivision and Platting Ordinance
No.2006-01 Subdivision Fees
No.2014-01 Subsurface Sewage Treatment System
No.2011-02 Tobacco Ordinance
No.2005-03 Water Access Lots Ordinance
No.1997-03 Wetland Ordinance

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