Leech Lake River One Watershed One Plan Partnership

LeechLake_LLROWOPP   This Partnership is made up of representatives of the Boards of Hubbard County and Hubbard SWCD as well as Cass County and Cass SWCD.

The Leech Lake River One Watershed One Plan Partnership, on behalf of the members, is pleased to begin development of a comprehensive watershed management plan through the One Watershed, One Plan program. This plan will be developed for the Leech Lake River Watershed. The  Members are excited to begin this process of watershed-based planning. If you have any questions related to this effort, please contact John Ringle, Cass County ESD Director at john.ringle@co.cass.mn.us  or phone 218/547-7256. 

October 2017 Update  [SURVEY]

Kick Off Meeting September 15, 2017

Memorandum of Agreement
Advisory Committee Contact List
LLR1W1P Committee Members