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Timber Auctions

The 2015 Timber Auction Schedule is as follows:  
  Oral Timber Auction   Sealed Bid Timber Auction
  January 29, 2015   February 26, 2015
  April 30, 2015   March 26, 2015
  July 30, 2015   May 28, 2015
  October 29, 2015   June 25, 2015
      August 27, 2015
  September 24, 2015
  November 25, 2015
  December 17, 2015

A new component to the Cass County Timber Management Program is the Timber Sale Management service.  This program lets you download and print timber sale permits, statements, operator sale lists, auction reports, harvest reports and much more.  Click on the “Forestry Database System” link to gain access.

When you access the site, you’ll see the homepage with timber permits broken out by active, not active, and auction tracts.  You can navigate between them by clicking the top tabs.  The timber statements and permits are available on the right hand side of the screen by clicking on the pdf icon.

By navigating the top selection report items, you can pull auction reports by selecting the date of the auction; view and print off your operator sale list under the Operators Reports tabs, or look at past records of returned sales in the Archive Reports.  The best way to learn about the information available is by clicking and selecting the various reports from the top selection.

Please contact the Land Department or stop by our office for assistance with the new computer programs.  Cass County shall not be liable for any direct or indirect claims resulting from the use of this data.  The information on the maps is used to represent approximate location and is not valid survey information.

These are .pdf documents. To view/print .pdf documents you need
  Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.




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