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Land Sales

The tax-forfeited lands offered for sale by Cass County are either lands that have recently forfeited or lands that the county has classified for sale. County lands in forest management status, lands that are designated for exchange, or lands that provide primary access will not be offered for sale.

The lands to be offered for sale are appraised at fair market value and must be approved for sale by the State of Minnesota. No parcel shall be sold for less than the appraised value.

Land sales are not on an annual basis & there may be two or three years between sales. The land sale auctions are conducted by oral auction. However, mailed sealed bids will be accepted and will be opened prior to the oral auction.

Land sale auction information will be posted on this web site when the information becomes available. If you prefer to be placed on the land sale mailing list, send $10.00 with your name and address to:

Land Department
P.O. Box 25, Backus, MN


P.O. Box 3000
Walker, MN

This fee covers the cost for you to receive information regarding future land sales auctions for five years.

On the Cass County Interactive Web Map you can view parcels on the Over
the Counter Sale Units list. These parcels will be displayed and labeled
with their code number as you zoom. These units will be shown in orange.

More detailed information on these units can be found at Over the Counter Land
Sale units

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