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Easement Policies and Procedures

(Adopted 11-20-2001)

I. Present written request for easement to the Land Department, including the following information:

  • Map showing the approximate location of the requested easement.
  • Statement of intended use.
  • All options for a proposed easement must be reviewed to assure the most logical route is selected.

Requesting an easement across county managed land to avoid private, U.S. Forest Service or State land is not a valid reason for seeking an easement.

II. The written request will be reviewed by the Area Resource Manager, who will insure the following:

  • Taxes on any and all property in Cass owned by the requesting party must be paid in full prior to consideration of an easement request.
  • If the individual or company requesting an easement across county managed land has property in the county that will provide access to presently landlocked or winter only access, county land, a reciprocal easement must be offered prior to consideration of easement request.

III. If the easement request is recommended for approval by the Area
Resource Manager, it will be presented to the County Board of Commissioners for preliminary Board approval. The Board approval will be dependent upon completion of a survey and receipt of a certificate of survey from a Registered Land Surveyor.

The Cost of the survey and the recording of the survey is the sole responsibility of the Grantee.

IV. All easements shall be charged for on a per acre basis at the appraised value per acre plus any timber or other value on the land; however, no easement shall be granted for less than the minimum charge of $150 per description.

V. All rates and conditions are subject to revision as determined by the County Board and no provisions herein described are intended to supersede the provisions of Minnesota Statutes 282.04, Subd.4.

VI. The above provisions shall not be mandatory for other governmental subdivisions or public agencies.

VII. Transfer of Easements

Easement rights may be transferred upon written request, a copy of the purchase agreement and payment of a $100 transfer fee.

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