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Suicide Prevention / Depression Awareness Programs
2004 - 2005

ASK - Teen Suicide Prevention Program
45-50 minute classroom presentation (not designed for a large auditorium assembly)

Topics to be covered:    
  •  Why Talk About Suicide
  •  Suicide Myths and Facts
  •  Facts about Depression
  •  Ask For Help! Card
  •  Warning Signs of Suicide
  •  Risk Factors For Suicide
  •  Symptoms of Depression
  •  Local Resources
  •  ASK (A - Ask for Help, S - Secrets Can Be Deadly, K - Keep A Support Network)

Each student will receive a Parents As Partners booklet to be sent home to parents before the presentation and a Yellow Ribbon teen card consisting of symptoms of depression and warning signs of suicide and a tear off "Ask For Help" wallet card.


Be-A-Link ~ Save a Life! Adult Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training
(Similar to QPR) Takes 1-2 hours.
For community members, parents, grandparents, clergy, family members, etc.
Topics to be covered:
  •  LINK -
        L - Look and Listen For Clues
        I  - Initiate a conversation and intervene if you are concerned, use a Yellow
          Ribbon Ask 4 Help card  
        N - Network with local resources and connect them to help - tighten the
          safety net    
        K - Keep in touch

    • Ask for Help! Card
    • Why Address Suicide
    • Myths and Facts About Suicide
    • Depression Is A Treatable Brain Illness - Symptoms of Depression
    • Depression in Youth
    • Risk Factors of Suicide, Warning Signs of Suicide
    • Coping Strategies and Protective Factors
    • Local Resources

    Continuing Educational Credits are available for licensed professionals

    Each Participant will receive Yellow Ribbon card consisting of symptoms of depression and warning signs of suicide and tear off "Ask For Help" wallet card.

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