Employment with Cass County

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Position  Closing Date
Deputy Sheriff Open Until Filled
Environmental Services Deputy Director May 21, 2021
Temporary Certified Student Attorney Open Until Filled
Assistant County Attorney Open Until Filled

Cass County Employment Application
**download/save to computer before filling out electronically otherwise your information will not save** 

Applications may be emailed or mailed to Kelsey Schwartz: kelsey.schwartz@co.cass.mn.us or
Cass County Administration
Attn: Kelsey Schwartz
PO Box 3000
Walker, MN 56484

* Most vacancies in the Health, Human, & Veteran Services Department are filled using the Minnesota Merit System. The Merit System consists of examinations which may include one or more of the following: written examination; oral examination; and rating of experience/education. The names of applicants who successfully completed all required examinations are listed as eligible applicants in order of the score and geographic area. When a vacancy exists with Cass County a request for a list of eligible applicants from the Merit System will be made and personal interviews are used for further determination of qualifications. For additional information, please contact Kim Minton, Support Services Supervisor at 218-547-6864.