SWCD’s are organized under MN State Statute Chapter 103C.  An SWCD is a legal body accountable to the general public.  SWCD’s have a sound accounting system and audit process directed by the Minnesota Board of Water and soil Resources.  Supervisor’s are elected by nomination districts on the general ballot for year terms which are staggered.


The Cass Soil Conservation District was officially organized on April 5, 1963 and the certificate signed by Secretary of State Joseph L. Donovan. On January 28, 1963 a petition was filed in the office of the State Soil Conservation Committee requesting the organization of a Soil Conservation District.  The need for a district was heard before the State Soil Conservation Committee on February 27, 1963.  Public hearings were held in Walker, Pine River, and Leader as prescribed by law before being heard by the State Soil Conservation Committee.  The boundaries of the district were described as “All of the County of Cass, Minnesota”.  On March 25, 1963 the matter was again heard by the State Soil Conservation Committee and it was determined that the need for a SWCD was practicable and feasible.  On April 2, 1963 the State Soil Conservation Committees decision was sent to the Secretary of State to be signed forming the Cass Soil Conservation District.  The official headquarters for the district was established as Pine River,  MN.

On March 20, 1964 the headquarters of the district was officially changed to Walker,  MN.  The name of the district was changed to Cass Soil and Water Conservation District on June 29, 1964 and remains the same today.

The first appointed supervisors for the district were Mr. Ralph Melbey,  Dist. #1, and Mr. John Titterington, Dist. #2.  After the district was established, the first election was held on May 11, 1963.  Candidates elected were Mr. Raymond Barchus, Dist. #3, Mr. Glenn Shaw, Dist. #4, and Mr. Bob Richards, Dist. #5.  The first board meeting was held at the Lake Region Hotel in Pine River on the evening of May 23, 1963.  Ralph Melby was elected president, Glenn Shaw was elected Vice President, John Titterington was elected Secretary, Robert Richards was elected Treasurer, and Raymond Barchus was elected as member.

Over the years Memorandums of Agreements have been signed with the Division of Forestry, Minnesota Department of Conservation, the United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, State of Minnesota, and Board of Water & Soil Resources, to name a few.

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