Transportation Program

This program serves people 60 years of age and above who have no other transportation available to them.

What are the additional eligibility requirements?

  • Resident of Cass County
  • Needs the service because no other transportation is available. This means that no one in the household is available to drive, or the person has no car or is not able to drive due to medical reasons.

What trips does the program cover?

  • Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals, Dentists, Chiropractors, and other medical trips.
  • Grocery shopping (Once a week in the person's town).
  • Banking, legal, Social Security, Social Services, etc.

Any trips taken outside the service area (over 100 miles one way) must also be authorized.

Is there a fee?

The following fee schedule will be put into effect January 1, 2014:
1 - 20 Miles:
21 - 150 Miles:
151 - 250 Miles:
251 - 400 Miles:
400 + Miles:
plus .10 for each additional mile
We appreciate your support of this new fee structure to ensure the continued availability of this valuable program!


Who are the drivers?

Our drivers are volunteers. They donate their time and their vehicles and are paid the current IRS rate per mile for their trips. Drivers are furnished with excess liability insurance, but they must provide their own auto insurance.

How do I sign up for this program?

To use the service, you must be registered as a rider with the program. To register as a rider or for more information, contact the Program Coordinator,
Jessi Babb at 218-947-7530.