Off-Highway  Vehicle (OHV) Travel in the

 Spider  Lake and Foot Hills State Forest  Area

The  trail designation process has been completed for the Foot Hills State Forest.  A map depicting the results of that process  has been published and signs have been put in place accordingly. 

The  map is available at DNR offices and on their web site:    Foot Hills State Forest Map

The  Foot Hills State   Forest area was  classified as Limited, meaning that  roads and trails are closed to OHVs unless posted open.  If a road or trail segment does not have a  sign on it, you may not ride an OHV on it. 

If  a road or trail segment has a sign that looks like one of these: 

deerfield  stonycreek

you  may ride an OHV on it. 

Please  remember that county ordinances and state statutes also apply.  

To  see county ordinances and state statutes, click here:  Rules for all County  Administered Land in Cass County Adobe Acrobat Reader Required