Road Restrictions & Construction

Load limits on all County and Township roads are restricted during the spring thaw season by Minnesota Statute 169.87. This Statute states that all paved roads are restricted to ten (10) tons per axle and gravel roads to five (5) tons per axle, unless posted otherwise. The beginning and end dates are set by the MnDOT Commissioner of Transportation and Cass County follows MnDOT's schedule of imposing these restrictions. Exceptions to the statute on Cass County roadways will be posted at the ends of the individual roadways. The majority of Cass County lies within the North-Central zone.

Cass County Road Restrictions

Information on weight restrictions can be seen at MnDOT's web site at

If you suspect violations of weight restrictions, please contact the Cass County Sheriff's Office at 218-547-1424.

For further road restriction information, please call 1-800-723-6543.


Road Construction

STATE HIGHWAYS: For road construction information on State Highways, contact the State Highway Department on he web at, or call 511.


Future Road Construction

2021-2025 5-Year Road Construction Program