Highway Department

          Address                                                    Administration
          8045 County 12 NW                                 Phone No. 218-547-1211
          P.O. Box 579                                            Fax No. 218-547-1099
          Walker, MN 56484                                   

          Cass County Highway Map
Cass County ADA Transition Plan

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OneOffice-Cass County, MN (rtvision.com)


ST 2021-103 (Phase 2) - Grading, Culverts, Aggregate Base & Bituminous Surfacing

Notice on Herbicide Spraying

Noxious Weed Spraying - Notice to Landowners
Noxious Weed Herbicide MSDS
Escort XP MSDS
Opensight MSDS
2016-Liberate MSDS

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