Low Interest Septic Loans Available to Cass County Residents


Low interest loans are available to Cass County Landowners to repair or upgrade an existing non-conforming septic system. Loans of 3% will be offered to qualified landowners in Cass County. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has appropriated funds to Cass County for the loans. Region 5 Development Commission will be the administrator of the loans. The program goals are to improve the environment by replacing non-compliant systems and providing access to low interest funding that had not otherwise been utilized.

Loans of up to $8,000 can only be issued to private property owners in Cass County. Applicants must provide proof of repayment ability. The NCEDA Loan Board of the Region 5 Development Commission will review loan applications monthly and make loan approval recommendations. An origination fee of ½ % shall be charged to the borrower along with other customary closing fees. Life of the loan will not extend past five years.

The Cass County ISTS Loan Program will provide funding for the:

  • Repair or replacement of an existing Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS) that does not conform with the provisions of the MN Rules Chapter 7080.
  • Relocation of ISTS out of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Replacement of ISTS that is failing or non-conforming with an expanded portion of the ISTS.
  • Funding priority, if necessary, will be given to properties participating in the Healthy Lakes Program.

The ISTS program will not provide funding for:

  • Individual Sewage Treatment Systems (ISTS) in excess of 5,000 gallons of waste water per day.
  • New connections or repairing old connections to collection systems or municipal waste treatment systems.
  • Installation of ISTS for new construction.
  • Expansion or upgrading of a conforming ISTS due to construction of additional living quarters, new construction or new expanded use.
  • Costs that were incurred before the effective date or after termination date of the loan package approval.

Please call Cass County Environmental Services at (218) 547-7241 or click here pdffor an application packet.