All garbage generated in the County comes to the main Cass County Transfer Station, two miles north of Pine River on Highway 371, where it is transferred to trucks that haul it to a sanitary landfill. Transfer Station hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM, Saturday from 8:00 AM-Noon. You may contact them directly at  218-587-3500 and please leave a message.

Residents may bring garbage in themselves or contract with a local waste hauler. Wastes may be brought in to the main transfer site or to other Cass County Operated Transfer Sites.  


MATTRESSESS/FURNITURE: Accepted at the May Township, Slagle, Transfer Station, and Walker / Hackensack sites. If the items are still in good condition, they may be dropped off at the County furniture exchange progam to be made available for people who could use them.

WASTE TIRES / USED APPLIANCES: Waste tires and used appliances can be disposed of at the Slagle, Transfer Station, May Township, and Walker / Hackensack sites. Four (4) tires and one (1) appliance per month are accepted. Please disable appliance mechanical latches and remove tires from rim.oldtires - Copy

USED OIL / USED OIL FILTERS/ USED ANTIFREEZE: These items can be disposed of at the Pine River Transfer Station, May township site,Leech Lake Tribal Solid Waste site, Slagle Transfer site and Walker / Hackensack sites.

Using burning barrels for garbage disposal is illegal in Cass County. You must dispose of garbage at one of the transfer sites, or have it picked up by a licensed hauler. With few exceptions, building material wastes must go to Construction and Demolition sites.

The only material that can lawfully be burned with a permit and under certain conditions are brush, tree trimmings, and other vegetative material, and unpainted lumber that contains no glue or resins.

Unless the ground is snow covered, any open burning of vegetative material requires a burning permit from the Regional US Forest Service office, local DNR Forestry office, local fire warden or online.  Additional information can be found on the DNR's website.