Paying Your Property Tax

Payment Options for Property Taxes


Frequently Asked Questions

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In Person 
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Cass County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office
2nd floor of the Cass County Courthouse
303 Minnesota Avenue West, Walker, Minnesota.

Phone 218-547-7260. [Back to the top]

By Mail
Payments sent by mail should be postmarked on or before the due date to avoid late payment penalties.  Please make checks payable to Cass County Auditor-Treasurer and enclose the appropriate payment stub(s) from your tax statement(s). Pre-addressed envelopes are enclosed with your tax statements for your convenience. [Back to the top]

The payment stub for the first half (or a full payment) can be located at the very bottom of your tax statement. The payment stub for the second half payment is located directly above the stub for the first half.

If pre-addressed envelopes are not available, please mail payments to:

Cass County Auditor-Treasurer
P. O. Box 3000
Walker MN 56484

 Email address

Automatic Payment Link 
Know that your tax payment will be received on time, worry-free, by paying your property taxes automatically from your checking or savings account. Enroll in Cass County’s Automatic Payment option free of charge by filling out the Automatic Payment Authorization Form.  For more information or to receive an enrollment form by mail call 218-547-7257. [Back to the top]

Escrow Account
Property taxes may be collected along with your mortgage payments and held in an escrow account for you.  These funds are then distributed at the proper time by the company which handles your mortgage payments.  If an escrow company is providing this service, an informational copy of your tax statement will contain the notice “If taxes are paid by an escrow agent, do not pay.” [Back to the top]

Electronic Payments


In cooperation with Cass County, { forte } Payment Systems offers taxpayers secure, reliable fee-based electronic options to pay taxes over the internet or phone by e-check or using a credit or debit card.

(Services comply with all government regulations. All fees are collected by { forte } Payment Systems, no portion of which is collected by or refunded to Cass County in any manner. Among tax payment options offered by Cass County for a variety of taxpayers needs, some payment options are not right for everyone. Please carefully check all applicable fee calculations and read terms and conditions before finalizing all electronic payments.) [Back to the top]

E-check (convenience fees apply) 
Electronic or “e-check” payment is convenient and fast. The e-check fee is $1.50 per transaction.  [Back to the top]

Credit or Debit Card Payment (convenience fees apply)
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are accepted.
The fee for using a credit card is 2.35% of the amount of the payment, with a minimum fee of $1.95. The fee for paying by Visa Debit Card is $3.95 per transaction. All other debit cards have the same fees as credit cards.

Taxpayers using these services should plan on 1-2 business days for their payment to be received and posted. Have your tax statement and bank account information readily available before you begin making your payment.

You will need the Property ID Number located in the upper left hand corner of the tax statement, the Account Number located above the small box in the left hand corner of the payment stub, your credit card number and its expiration date.


To initiate a payment, . To pay by phone call 1-877-695-3729. Be sure to obtain confirmation number to complete your transaction(s).Be sure that you are using a current version of your internet browser before initiating payment. Browser versions supported are Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 30 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 27 or higher, and Safari 8 or higher. [Back to the top]


Paying Prior Year Delinquent Taxes
When paying taxes still due from prior years, call the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at 218-547-7260 to verify the correct amount for payment.  Partial payments are accepted. Minimum partial payments of $100 are preferred if possible. Taxes are credited to the newest (latest) tax year first, and then in inverse order by year until paid in full. Non-payment of property taxes will result in the loss of the property through forfeiture under the laws of Minnesota. [Back to the top]


Understanding Your Property Taxes

I don’t understand how my property taxes are calculated.  Can you help?

The Minnesota Department of Revenue’s fact sheet may be of help to you.  For individual questions, call the Cass County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at 218-547-7260.

How do I appeal the value of my property?

The notice of your assessed value mailed every spring contains information about the process to appeal your value, or you can contact the Cass County Assessor’s Office year round at 218-547-7298 or email to The Minnesota Department of Revenue also has a fact sheet on this subject to assist. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s this refuse management fee on my taxes?

Formerly known as the “solid waste fee”, the refuse management fee is charged to improved real estate and personal property parcels based on building type and classification.  The collection of this fee began in 1990 to fund waste disposal and recycling programs in Cass County.  The Cass County Board has historically supported a flat fee for funding these necessary services instead of funding these costs through the annual levy.  This fee is uniformly applied to all identified improved parcels with an assessed value of at least $1,000, based on the following schedule. More information and the locations of recycling bins and waste disposal transfer stations can be found on the Solid Waste and Recyling tab found on the Environmental Services page of the Cass County website.


 Residential & seasonal properties $66
 Commercial properties based on building value  
 Under 9,999 $66
 10,000 to 99,999 $150
 100,000 to 499,999 $300 
 500,000 & up $500
 Apartment, per unit $12
 Non-commercial tax exempt buildings $66

I’ve lost my tax statement – now what?

Tax statements for the years starting in 2015 may be printed from the Cass County website.  Just enter a parcel number and choose the year from the drop-down menu.  (Be sure  your pop-up blockers are set to allow you to open this type of file.) To obtain a duplicate tax statement by mail, call 218-547-7260.

I moved – now what do I do?

Call, mail or email our Address Change Request form to the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office as soon as possible to update your address. Failing to provide a current address may cause delays or non-delivery of time sensitive tax statement and other critical property related mailings to property owners. 

While no owner names can be changed in property tax records without the recording of a legal document, please provide taxpayer address changes as soon as possible, including addresses in care of other parties.

If you are relocating to Cass County as a permanent resident, register to vote online at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website, or visit the Elections/Voting pages of the Cass County website.

I just retired in Cass County and need to homestead my property here.  How do I do that?

File your homestead application with the Cass County Assessor’s Office.  Click here for more information and an application form.

I just sold my property on a Contract for Deed – am I still responsible for the taxes?

Only the new contract holder will receive the annual property tax billing statement, but it is the responsibility of the seller/owner to monitor whether or not the taxes have been paid.  The Property Tax Billing and Collection Procedures fact sheet has more information.

I own a summer business which operates between May and August– when are my taxes due?

Businesses that earn 60 percent of their gross income from May through August have a later due date if a tax deferral form is filled out.  Return the Commercial Tax Deferral Form to extend the 1st half due date until May 31st for eligible businesses.

How do I get a property tax refund?

The property tax refund program is a state program.  While we can’t answer questions regarding this program, here’s a link to the forms and instructions provided by the State of Minnesota:  Property Tax Refund

I didn’t pay my taxes last year – now what do I do?

Call the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at 218-547-7260 to find out the amount of past due taxes, which will include late payment penalties and interest.  Our staff can advise you on options for payment.

When are my taxes due?

It varies, depending on the classification of your property.  Taxes on residential homestead property are due May 15 and October 15, while resorts have until May 31 to pay.  Mobile home taxes are due August 31 and November 15.  Agricultural property taxes are due May 15 and November 15. 

When do taxes start incurring penalties and can the penalties be waived?

If you pay your first half or second half property tax after the due date, a penalty will be added to your taxes.  The later you pay, the greater the penalty. Also, additional interest is charged once the payment remains past due on January 2nd of the following year. See the back of tax statement for the penalty schedule and more information. Penalties and interest rates are set by state statute.

Why did my classification change from Homestead to Non-Homestead?

All questions regarding classification or value can be directed to the Cass County Assessor’s Office.

I’m disabled – am I eligible for a tax reduction?

You may be, depending on your circumstances. Minnesota law gives some property tax relief to qualified blind and disabled persons, and under a separate program, to disabled veterans. The Cass County Assessor’s Office can assist you in determining if you are eligible and with the application process. For more information, click here. See the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s fact sheet for more information about the market value exclusion on homestead property of qualifying disabled veterans.