Parcel Information


Parcel Information & Tax Inquiry

The information available for individual parcels includes: property address, taxpayer name and address, parcel number, lake name and code, tax information, homestead, and property classification.

You may find property information for any parcel in Cass County by going to Property and Tax Data Search. This is parcel data only and is outside of the web mapping site.

Printable Tax Statement

Parcel Tax Recalculation Request Form 

Subdivision and Platting

Amid the COVID-19 situation, we have limited public access to County buildings.  We would like to provide services and support to our customers remotely. Please review our Subdivision and Platting Ordinance found on our website under Environmental Services/County Ordinances, and below is a pdf showing a quick review on if your property can be split, and what steps you’ll need to take. 

Lot split processpdf

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Local Tax Rates For Taxes Due in 2022
Local Tax Rates For Taxes Due in 2021
Local Tax Rates For Taxes Due in 2020pdf
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Local Tax Rates For Taxes Due in 2018 pdf