The Cass County Auditor-Treasurer is Sandra Norikane

Courthouse Annex, 2nd Floor
303 Minnesota Avenue W
PO Box 3000
Walker, MN 56484-3000

Main Line  218-547-7260
Elections 218-547-7275
Vital Statistics 218-547-7247
Fax 218-547-7278

2020 Newsletter                                    2020 Annual Report

Responsibilities of the Auditor-Treasurer's department:

  • Administering the property tax system, including all levy and tax increment financing data, tax settlement process, parcel ownership database, delinquent taxes, and tax forfeiture.
  • Maintaining tax books showing taxes paid or unpaid.
  • Mailing statements and collecting payment for all real estate, personal property, severed mineral interests, manufactured homes, and tree growth taxes.
  • Settling and distributing taxes collected for local taxing districts of the county (towns, cities, school districts, and special taxing districts).
  • Maintaining computerized parcel-based mapping for the geographic land records information system.
  • Providing tax record information to realtors, mortgage companies, escrow agents and completing tax certificates and tax searches.
  • Serving as chief election officer of the county.
  • Serving as chief general accounting officer: accounts payable, accounts receivable, central payroll and benefit administration, and preparation of periodic financial reports and annual financial statement.
  • Serving on the budget committee and providing accounting/technical support for the annual budget and truth in taxation process.
  • Disbursing county funds at the direction of the county board to cover county liabilities, and serving as chief investment officer to invest available fund balances under statutory guidelines.
  • Providing licensing services for retail sales of liquor, beer, tobacco, precious metals, transient merchant, mass gathering permits, public fireworks displays, and gambling permits/exemptions.
  • Collecting deed and mortgage registration taxes.
  • Administering vital statistics – birth, death, marriage, notary public applications and service.

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