How are we doing?

1st District Commissioner
Neal Gaalswyk 11745 Maplewood Drive East Gull Lake, MN 56401
(218) 829-7208

2nd District Commissioner
Robert Kangas 3921 40th Ave SW Pine River, MN 56474
(218) 587-4453

3rd District Commissioner
Jeff Peterson 2858 32nd Ave NW Hackensack, MN 56452
(218) 675-6086

4th District Commissioner
Scott Bruns 403 Cole St. So., PO Box 1059 Walker, MN 56484
(218) 547-1499

5th District Commissioner
Dick Downham 7844 24th Avenue NE Boy River, MN 56672
(218) 889-2422

The County Board of Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Guide to Requesting Information from Cass County

To request public data or information from Cass County, please complete the data request form provided. Requests may take up to ten business days to complete. Additional time may be needed for special requests.

Public documents maintained by Cass County may be inspected free of charge during regular business hours. To make an appointment, call 218-547-7260, or contact the specific department needed.

Copies of original documents may be purchased. See the complete “Guide to Requesting Information from Cass County” for the Cass County public access policy, contact information, and any fees that may apply.

Guide to Requesting Information from Cass County
Contact information for data requests 
Data request form for public data 
Data request form for data about individuals