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Shallow/Bay Lakeshore Criteria for Special Resource Protection Status


Calculate scores with one point for each of the following criteria on 10 meter segments of shoreline. Review results for score distribution to determine final min. segment length.

1. Long distance to littoral zone boundary

a. Minimum distance 650 feet

b. Separation distance of points on shore 30 feet

2. NWI polygons present in lake

a. Buffer distance 650 feet

3. NWI polygons present on shore

a. Buffer distance 160 feet

4. Shoreline is an isolated bay.

a. Pinched off by minimum distance: 325 foot buffer(650 foot gap)

5. Presence of Natural Heritage feature

a. Buffer distance use polygons with special features that intersect shoreline

6. Inlets and Outlets

a. 325 foot buffer of inlets/outlets (calc streams intersect lakes points)

GIS datasets required:

• DNR littoral zone polygons
• National Wetland Inventory
• Minnesota Natural Heritage Database
• Lake Inlets/Outlets

Minimum Lakeshore segment length to be considered a special resource zone.

500 feet

Special Protection Measures Recommended:




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