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State of Minnesota Cooperative Purchasing Venture

Minnesota's Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV), established by Minn. Stat. § 16C.03, subd.10, allows eligible governmental entities to purchase goods, certain services and utilities from contracts established by the Materials Management Division (MMD) for Minnesota state agencies. MMD contracts with vendors to provide goods, services and utilities to state agencies, and this program creates a legally sufficient relationship so that eligible governmental entities can use these contracts just like state agencies. Minnesota Statutes § 471.59, subd. 1, known as the Joint Powers Act, defines the governmental entities that may join the CPV program. They include counties, cities, towns, townships, and school districts, as well as other entities.

Cass County has paid the fee for all Townships and Cities. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Anderson - Cass County Auditor 218-547-7260

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